Company Philosophy

Born with this aphorism, in the late 60's, Forenz'Dino Zoani's intent was and is always the same, offer products that have minimal environmental impact while fulfilling the task assigned.

The journey was not without objective difficulties, slowly what was thought impossible has now become part of our daily life; respect for nature in which we are immersed.

Fifty years of research and development have contributed to the realization of specific and targeted to sectors products.

Dino Zoani, the founder, coming from the vending industry, perceived from the outset the need to have specific products for the maintenance of coffee and vending machines.


Some our Products

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Sealant Fluid Sil…

Sealant Fluid SiliconeRead more



STICKY - Pure Sil…

STICKY - Pure Silicone GreaseRead more

Sealant Fluid Sil…

Sealant Fluid SiliconeRead more

STICKY - Pure Sil…

STICKY - Pure Silicone GreaseRead more

Moquettes Shampoo

Moquettes ShampooRead more


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Lithium Grease

Lithium GreaseRead more



Superbond - Threa…

Superbond - Thread LockerRead more

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    Specialized Chemical Products

    Our products are made tosolve specific problems of cleaning. The range of solutions covers the needs of professional technical workers. The analysis of the requests is always monitored through an open and constant contact with our customers.

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    Sustainable Products

    We have introduced since many years the concept of sustainability by eliminating old products and introducing modern solutions with reduced environmental impact. In the formulation of new products the respect for nature is held in high regard. We are looking forward to the opportunity of input in the market innovative solutions.

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    Save time and resources

    The use of specific products together with a tidy and well equipped workshop, the respect of the indicated use of the products encourage saving time and resources. We offer assistance and expertise to our customers on the use of our products and the best solutions to equip their technical department.

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    Dedicated Production

    We offer the opportunity to create branded products dedicated for small productions, together with the study of new solutions, from formulation to packaging, allowing even small reality of having customized solutions.